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The Ace Project are an alternative rock group currently based in Hamburg, Germany. After a one-year stint at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, singer/songwriter Chris Kaufmann aka The Ace returned home and formed The Ace Project some time in 2007. The band have since been busy playing shows and recording several demos. July 2008 saw the online release of their Lonesome Planet EP (available from iTunes). They are currently down in their basement studio self-producing their first full-length album. Sometimes it's full-on rock. Other times it's just an intimate, stripped-down acoustic set featuring quiet & introspective songs. Baby-making music, one might say. But it's always good music. Please hear for yourself.



Christian Kaufmann

20459 Hamburg

Telefon: 040-73058040


Hamburg Song (Demo)

Are You Ready For Me?

Lonesome Planet


A Believer's Tale



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