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Born of the age we live in! - Alternative Rock and Power Pop
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The Daily Sun - Born of the age we live in! Rock und Power Pop, rough und straight gespielt. Ob Alternative Rock, Indie-Pop oder Westernstyle. Unmittelbar, rau und melodisch. Rock and power pop, rough and tough; straight played with familiar and unfamiliar tones - whether alternative rock, independent pop or in a kind of western style. Immediate, rough and melodic - in the language of those who invented this music 100 years ago. The Daily Sun is influenced by musicians of this entire age. As a live band, they start playing straight away. After having performed a bit more rock in recent years, they have written a variety of new songs that they will present in 2024. At some point the band decided not to use covers because there are so many beautiful songs of their own. Some current recordings from the rehearsal room can be seen and heard on youtube. The sound of these recordings was not edited, but posted on the web as it was played. This bootleg character is linked to the band's desire to always be part of the music. Sure, People start dancing at concerts and bobbing on their cell phones at home.


Altona macht auf: 04.06.2024 und 05.06.2024



The Daily Sun ( Booking bitte erst per E-Mail)


Telefon: the-daily-sun (und dann @)


Should known better - The Daily Sun

Smile - The Daily Sun

Dancing with the devil - 2020 - The Daily Sun



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